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Winter time is time for fairytales

  • People already knew that in Canada 7000 years ago
    People already knew that in Canada 7000 years ago
  • Passion for hiking in the snow
    Passion for hiking in the snow
  • 125 prepared winter walking paths at the Wilder Kaiser
    125 prepared winter walking paths at the Wilder Kaiser

Romantic winter walking paths through one of the most beautiful natural lanscapes of Tyrol. The Wilder Kaiser region offers over 125 kilometer of prepared winter walking paths.

Snowshoe-hiking at the Wilder Kaiser

With snow-shoes along the sunnseit-path or in the snowy mountains and forests around Söll - this is a unique experience. The fresh air and the magical nature give back a piece of life energy, intense experience and active holiday for everyone. The guided tours take place in the week, no experience is necessary. There are short tours that last about 1.5 hours - experienced hikers can also select tours lasting 3 hours or even 6 hours. Along the way there to see not only natural as well cultural and culinary for body and soul.

Winter hiking in Söll

In Söll the following winter paths are available to you on 30 kilometres:

  • Stampfanger-path
  • Sunnseit-Wiesen-path
  • Sunnseit-path
  • Bachl-path
  • Kaiser-path above Hauning

Winter hiking in Scheffau

  • Village path - above Café Rosemarie to Erlach above the bridge and continue back over Blaiken to the village
  • Lake Hintersteiner See above Seebach, Obholzhof, Greidern and continue on the road to the guesthouse Seestüberl
  • Lake Hintersteiner See above Chalet Hotel Leitenhof, continue through the forest to the junction where turn left and the road about 15 minutes within walking follow then you're at the Lake Hintersteinersee

Winter hiking in Ellmau

  • Up to the Haflingertränke - our tipp: Horse rinding at the Haflingertränke
  • Up to the Wochenbrunner alp - our tipp: A beautiful animal park is located just outside the entrance of the Alm
  • Up to the Hausberg - our tipp: Access is possible with the Going Astbergbahn, then to walk leisurely down
  • Up to the Hartkaiser - our tipp: Access is with the Hartkaiser lift Ellmau possible. On top of the Hartkaiser is a beautiful trail with a huge picture frame with the Wilder Kaiser in the background. From Hartkaiser down: visit the TV and film known "Rübezahlalm"
  • Ring path - our tipp: cozy sunny round without gradients with a continuous view of the Wilder Kaiser.

Winter hiking in Going

  • Hollenauer Kreuz
  • Schwendter path
  • Prama path
  • Bathing lake path

Winter hiking trails the Wilder Kaiser

Our Well-Being Apartments

Our Well-Being Apartments
Our Well-Being Apartments

These 5 luxury and stylish apartments are fully equipped and available for your very special holidays at the “Residenz Theresa”. more

Relaxing in the sauna

Relaxing in the sauna
Relaxing in the sauna

Our sauna and herbal steam bath is an ideal place to regenerate. Our individuel wellness area is available at any time. more