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For a relaxing

to relax your body and soul

Pure relaxation

In our in-house wellness area

Relaxing in the sauna

How about that? Do something for your health, recharge your batteries, come to rest and at the same time awaken your spirits.

Finnish sauna:
The classic sauna with 90 to 100° C. Sweat quickly and intensively and then relax gently in the relaxation room.

Turkish steam bath:
At about 50° C, the body gently warms up, and when it is warm enough, tubular showers provide tingling vitalization.

Infrared health cabin:
Heat works. For thousands of years, heat has been used to increase well-being and alleviate numerous musculoskeletal complaints, especially chronic ones. You will immediately feel the positive effect of the heat on the general condition.

Relaxation room:
Relax and unwind on comfortable loungers.

Fountain with Grander water:
Water works. Water is life. Our WATER is enlivened….