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Our contribution to a greener future

We are sustainable

And pursue a sustainable concept – which we also want to pass on to our guests.

Long-term goals for
more sustainability

Our commitment to the environment is reflected not only in short-term measures and goals but above all in long-term endeavours. In order to communicate this more to the outside world and to actively live it, we strive to meet the requirements of the Austrian Eco-label for tourism businesses and, in addition to the mandatory criteria, to continuously achieve further target criteria in the coming years.

Our employees are required to pay attention to the efficient use of resources in daily operations.

Our guests
contribute by:

  • collecting Cafissimo coffee capsules in the containers provided, these are 100% recyclable
  • the disposal of sanitary products in the trash can, not in the toilet
  • careful waste separation
  • the use of our crystal clear tap water as drinking water
  • an economical water consumption
  • Environmentally friendly ventilation 
  • Save electricity, by turning off the lights when leaving the apartment.
  • the use of public transport (ski and hiking bus)
  • Consideration for sensitive habitats, animals and plants
  • the enjoyment of regional, seasonal and ecologically produced food

Regional products and specialties can be found in many stores Söll and the region. At the farm store in the neighboring house you can buy regional specialties such as homemade cheese, bacon, various dairy products, tea and syrup – 24 hours/7 days a week. Be surprised by the excellent regional delicacies and craftsmanship of the region.

Already set

Our most important measures to date are the use of renewable energy in the form of district heating from wood chips and our own thermal solar system, and we obtain our electricity from Tiroler Wasserkraft AG.

A large part of our lighting fixtures has already been converted to economical LED bulbs, which consume up to 90 percent less energy than conventional lamps. In addition, the service life of LEDs is up to 25 times longer than that of their power-hungry predecessors.

We maintain and clean our electronic devices regularly, this increases the lifetime and energy leaks can be fixed quickly.

For cleaning, we rely on products with the Austrian Ecolabel or EU ECO label, which also contribute to your well-being and health, completely without harmful substances.

For new furniture, flooring or textiles, we pay attention to the use of natural materials, preferably with certified environmental standards.

One third of the water consumed in households is due to personal hygiene and showering, which is why we pay attention to shower heads that save water while maintaining showering comfort.

Mobility is a key issue: we create awareness among our guests for the use of public transport, whether traveling by train and bus or locally on site. Söll, together with the Wilder Kaiser region, offers a wealth of public transport options.

In our flower garden you will find a variety of native flowers, herbs and plants, including all the plants after which our apartments are named, such as marigold, sunflower, coneflower, ivy, dandelion, golden balm and elderberry. Enjoy the diversity, as well as numerous native birds and insect species.

We pay attention to the economical use of paper, which is why our guest folders are designed electronically and we also rely almost exclusively on paperless administration in our office.

Waste is valuable raw material for new products. Proper separation is important for both economic and environmental reasons. It is the order of the day to use natural resources responsibly. We collect paper, cardboard, organic waste, packaging made of glass, metal, plastic and composites as well as problematic materials in our waste room