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Söll’s tour of the senses

Taking new paths, using all one’s senses and discovering the power of nature.

22 km of hiking trails stimulate the whole body and mind. There are numerous stations that invite on the Sunnseit path, the energy path, the Aktivweg and Schattseitweg to marvel, enjoy and rest. So the spirit decelerated despite a moving body.

  • Discover the power of nature
    Discover the power of nature
  • A breathtaking landscape in Söll
    A breathtaking landscape in Söll
  • Where there is light, there is also shadow
    Where there is light, there is also shadow


The sun accompany you
Even the first Söller knew that it is the most beautiful on the Sunnseit'n and so they built their settlements there. Situated at the foot of the Great and Small Pölven, thrilled the Sunnseit path with a magnificent panorama and thanks to its sunny location with stunning scenery. Lots of native stations you can interesting about Soll and the people who live here experienced..

Along the way you spoil the traditional restaurants with local specialties to round off the flavor History. So tasty and exciting it can be to learn something.


Discover the power of nature
Together with our partners TiSUN we bring you on the energy path solar energy closer. The individual stations will show it the power of the sun and are exciting and instructive. Sun is life and in nature you can feel its power and its significance for humans, animals and plants. It stimulates the senses, be it through the herbs and grasses along the way, the fragrant flower fields or the sparkling, fresh spring water in the creeks. Whether with strollers or running shoes, the way is really a treat for everyone and in the end you can literally feel the energy of the sun.

  • The sun will accompany you
    The sun will accompany you
  • On the Sunnseit'n it is most beautiful
    On the Sunnseit'n it is most beautiful
  • Fascinating alpine mountain world
    Fascinating alpine mountain world

Shady side path

Where there is light, there is also shadow.

Surrounded by mountains and along the mystical and idyllic forest, the Schattseitweg presents around Soll. Different stations invite you to marvel at, enjoy and rest. Stressed the everyday recedes into the background and the "slowing of thought" takes place felt on the unique theme path. Protected from the scorching midday sun and immersed in a unique light can be individually experience the Schattseitweg from morning to night and regardless of the season.


Over sticks and stones.

The Aktivweg is the more demanding part of the Söller sense-round and takes you into the fascinating alpine mountain world to Soll. You will experience the fascination of the mountains and feel her force acts on you. Enjoy the outdoors on a hike that gives you a whole new view of the world. Experience the alpine nature at its most beautiful, with an impressive view of the Wilder Kaiser and the Pölven.