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Funparks in the SkiWelt

A brand new Funslope and a perfectly shaped Snowpark promise sheer fun and action for all riders, from beginners to advanced.

Snowparks SkiWelt Söll

Crazy Kangoraoo - Location Rinner (46)
The perfectly shaped Crazy Kangaroo Park promise sheer fun and action for all riders, from beginners to advanced.

With its 3 kicker lines with 2-4 metre tables and Snow Funbox, the Easy Line is ideal for all freestyle newcomers. This is the perfect place to try out your first jumps and tricks before venturing onto the Medium Line. Right at the beginning of the medium/advanced area of the park, more experienced riders will find a Jib Line, consisting of a Flat Tube, a Tank, an A-frame Box, a Downrail, a Kink Box, a Flatbox, an XL Jibcan as well as a Curved Box. Any energy left after all that and you can continue on to the Medium 2-Kicker Line with 8-10 metre tables and a Corner to top it all off!

Funny Bird Slope - Location: Salvenmoos (47)
Opt for the Funny Bird Slope and you find yourself under the Salvenmoos 2-seater chairlift!Line 1 consists of a 2m Jump, 3 small Corners, a 2m Snow Funbox, a 5m Up-Down Butterbox, a 3m Flat Box, a 4m Tube, two Bank Curves plus a 7m Tunnel!On Line 2 there are two 2m Jumps, three Bank Curves, a 1/3 Tube, a Wave, a 4m Rainbow Box, two Snow Funboxes, a Snail and a Crossing! If that wasn’t enough, the Funny Bird Slope has floodlighting to illuminate its night sessions for you four times a week.

Boarder Playground Westendorf

Directly by the Gampenkogel lift in the Westendorf ski area, the Boarders Playground is considered one of the most prestigous and biggest Snowparks in Austria. Over a length of 650 metres and a width of 350 metres, it is THE professional playground for all freestyle skiers and boarders. The snow-making equipment guarantees that the park is in top condition at the beginning of and throughout the whole season.

Public Park
The obstacles are challenging and designed for higher skill levels. The PUBLIC PARK is laid out so that it is possible to ski or board smoothly right through from the very top to the end. In this area of the Boarders Playground it can get quite busy, so should be used with care. Ski groups and beginners are best avoiding the PUBLIC PARK. Those who abide by the rules and are already accomplished freestylers can have great fun in the PUBLIC PARK.

Pro Park
With Kickertables from 10 to 25 metres the obstacles are challenging to difficult. The PRO PARK counts as the "Hardcore Playground" for the local Shredelites. This calls for not just ability but huge courage and board control. In the PRO PARK there is a choice of kicker line or rail line. PRO PARK is also the venue for top class Freestyle-Events such as the legendary SHRED DOWN - the Austrian championships in Slopestyle - an annual event that sees famous and professional snowboarders as well as amateur rookies battling it out. The centrepiece of the Pro Park is Big Mama - a spectacular giant jump where it's possible to get some big air, it's where it all happens

Kaiserpark Ellmau

The Kaiserpark is on the Hartkaiser in Ellmau right by the Tanzboden lift, a sunny central location in the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental. With tables from four to twelve metres, various boxes, a halfpipe wall, wheels etc. along with cool sounds it is possible to kick and jump to the heart's content in this park. Next to it is a chill-out area with deckchairs.

- Easyline with 3 Boxes (Flat - Up & Down - Flat)
- Expertline with 5 Boxes / Rails (Flatrail - Wallridespine-Rainbowbox - Flatbox - Kinkedbox & Picknicktable)
- 2er-Kicker combo & 2er-Roller combo
- Chill area

Our Well-Being Apartments

Our Well-Being Apartments
Our Well-Being Apartments

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Relaxing in the sauna

Relaxing in the sauna
Relaxing in the sauna

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