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"Blaues Wunder" at Hexenwasser in the Wilder Kaiser Region

Indoor area with 250 m²

Visitors to Hexenwasser will are set to experience a true blue wonder this summer. They can delve into the secrets and mysteries of water. Be it at the current-table or the whirlpool, reconstruction a river course or exploring the fascination of the structure of drops or and which shape the water. The Hexenwasser is open daily from 09.00 am to 5.30 pm for all the family to explore and discover at more than 60 wet and fun stations.

5 water stations

  • water balloons, water tasting, spit stone
  • current table, whirlpool
  • reconstruction of a river course
  • whirl, air twirl, rotor
  • bowls of water
  • The "Blaue Wunder" - the source
    The "Blaue Wunder" - the source
  • Children build a river
    Children build a river
  • current table, whirlpool
    current table, whirlpool
  • Exploration and experimentation travel
    Exploration and experimentation travel
  • 5 water stations
    5 water stations
  • amazement and surprised
    amazement and surprised

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